Simple site for a good cause

This spring, I had the pleasure of helping out the Skaneateles Music Guild. The long-standing organization, dedicated to supporting local music programming and opportunities, was in great need of a web presence.

The Music Guild had a Facebook page, but no website and no way to carry out online event registration/payment. I was happy to help! Using and Eventbrite, I designed a simple little site to meet their needs.

I am pleased to report that registration for their May luncheon went very smoothly! The new online system saved them significant time as well.


New website!

Welcome to my brand new (and still in progress!) website. Thank you for stopping by. I’ve designed a new, more descriptive banner for AmaLat Consulting, added a bio, and of course, a blog!

I am most excited about the blog as it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for some time. As a consultant, I come across many useful resources and innovative projects. I wanted a place to share them, as well as the things I’ve been up to.

Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions. I would love to hear from you.