The following resource list was put together to support Outcome-Based Evaluation (OBE) training participants (or anyone interested in OBE). Please feel free to send any suggestions to

A good place to start

New York State Library’s Basic OBE Webinar

Created by AmaLat Consulting LLC for the New York State Library, this 20-minute webinar provides an introduction to OBE for evaluation beginners or those needing a refresher.

General resources

Institute of Museum and Library Services: OBE page

New York State Library: OBE page

Oregon Library Support and Development Services: OBE page

Courses and tutorials

Institute of Museum and Libraries Services: Shaping Outcomes: Making a Difference in Libraries and Museums

National Network of Libraries of Medicine: Measuring Your Impact

United Way: Tutorial 1 (Planning for Impact)

United Way: Tutorial 2 (Asking the Questions)

United Way: Tutorial 3 (Getting the Answers)

Guides and handbooks

Free Management Library: Basic Guide to Program Evaluation

National Network of Libraries of Medicine: Outreach Evaluation Resource Center: Evaluation Guides

United Way: A Guide to Developing an Outcome Logic Model and Measurement Plan

W.K. Kellogg Foundation: Evaluation Handbook

W.K. Kellogg Foundation: Logic Model Development Guide

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